• Bids will open on Friday, January 26 during morning check-in.

  • Bids will close Saturday, January 27 after the evening presentation.

  • Winners will be announced on Sunday, January 28 during the paddlers' meeting.


Dagger Stratos

Designed to excel in surf, rock gardens, and open water paddling, but just at home on tidal estuaries and meandering rivers, the Stratos is the perfect balance of tracking, maneuverability, and forgiveness.

Beginners will love the stability and forgiveness, while intermediate and expert paddlers will find that the Stratos’s sporty hull is fast and maneuverable on any adventure. An adjustable drop-skeg aids tracking, and with two hatches, bulkheads, and deck bungees, gear storage has never been easier. Perfect for multi-day touring adventures, and just as capable for a day trip to your favorite rock garden or surf spot, the Stratos is a do-it-all kayak that stays with you on every step of your journey.

Choose your color and size!

MSRP: $1,299
Minimim bid: $800
Bid increment: $25

Kokatat Custom Dry Suit

Choose from 6 different GORE-TEX® dry suits and 15 different colors providing thousands of potential combinations. Add a pocket or two and some suspenders. Use Kokatat's simple sizing app to determine your size for a custom fit, including sleeve and pant adjustments, torso lengthening, gasket and waterproof sock size. Kokatat builds them one-at-a-time in their factory in Arcata, CA. Each suit is individually tested and guaranteed to be dry out of the box and for the reasonable life of the garment.

Design your own custom Kokatat® GORE-TEX® dry suit!

MSRP: up to $1,410
Minimim bid: $875
Bid increment: $25

Thule Custom Watersport Rack

Start with a Thule roof rack - the perfect base for extra cargo. Then add a Thule watersport rack to give you secure and easy transportation of your kayak or board. Choose the perfect sport rack for your passion.  Offer excludes the Hullavator Pro.

MSRP: up to $750
Minimim bid: $600
Bid increment: $25

Thule Hullavator Pro

This lift-assist rack for kayaks handles up to 40 lbs of the weight so you can load and unload – even on your own.

MSRP: $650
Minimim bid: $400
Bid increment: $20

Immersion Research
Klingon Empire Sprayskirt

The Klingon Empire Bungee Spray Skirt features a front casing made with a laminated neoprene reinforced with high thread-count Kevlar™ This very costly strip is simply the best possible fabric when it comes to flexible abrasion resistance, making it the perfect choice for people who are exceptionally hard on spray skirts. The Klingon Empire skirt, with it’s high-tension bungee and extra neoprene extending out past the bungee make it a perfect choice for keeping the most difficult rims dry. 

MSRP: $220
Minimum bid: $150
Bid increment: $15

Immersion Research
Klingon Sprayskirt

The Klingon Bungee Spray Skirt is IR's version of an "apron style" bungee spray skirt that's perfect for serious play boating and intermediate+ river running. Apron skirts feature extra neoprene extending past the bungee that help fill-in cockpit rim flaws and are usually much drier than standard skirts. Unlike typical apron skirts, the Kling-On has a unique "taco" construction that allows the outer edge of the skirt to articulate and grab the rim.

MSRP: $190
Minimum bid: $120
Bid increment: $15

Immersion Research
Thick Skin Union Suit

IR's Union Suit is a unique one-piece cold weather base layer made with soft, heavyweight, stretchy, double sided polyester fleece. Innovative super stretch neoprene collar allows you to enter the suit via the neck opening thus no zippers or closures. Men’s union suits feature a front fly and the women's features both a drop seat and a front fly.

Available in Men's and Women's!

MSRP: $110
Minimum bid: $75
Bid increment: $10

Immersion Research
Highwater Hoody

They’ve done it again! IR cooked up another fresh batch of super comfortable, and uniquely styled, Highwater Hoodys. They only select the finest quality fleece to make their “Microbrew” garments so they are always the right piece on and off the water. Now featuring a front hand warmer/gear pocket. Get them while you can!

Available in Men's and Women's!

MSRP: $59
Minimum bid: $35
Bid increment: $5

Immersion Research
The Jawns Pants

Listen, IR gets it. Everyone wants to wear sweat pants all the time but sometimes the weight of societal norms makes you second guess yourself. With the Jawns you can keep up appearances while keeping comfortable. A tapered ankle for easy layering and showing off your year round sandal tan. 100% polyester to dry quickly and ward off that boater odor. Pick up a pair of Dem Jawns and strut your stuff.

MSRP: $75
Minimum bid: $50
Bid increment: $5

Immersion Research
Microwave Handwarmers

Located in the Appalachian Mountains, IR knows the winter paddling season is seriously cold and to be prepared you need gear that is up to the task. That is why IR makes the MicroWave Handwarmer Pogies, for wherever your winter paddling takes place. These are a winter and cold weather paddling essential not to mention they have a cool IR logo screened on the top.

MSRP: $45
Minimum bid: $30
Bid increment: $5

Level Six Mack 2.0 Dry Top

The Mack is a dry top constructed from a combination of eXhaust 2.5 and eXhaust 3.0 waterproof breathable nylon. This dry top features 3 ply nylon on high wear areas like the shoulders and arms while keeping things light using 2.5 ply nylon on the torso. The Mack is designed to give you a completely unrestricted range of movement. The overlapping double-tunnel and the DCS waist works with your skirt tunnel to provide you with a drier seal and better paddling experience.

MSRP: $330
Minimim bid: $200
Bid Increment: $15

Level Six Delta Paddling Pant

The Delta is a 3-season light weight recreational or light whitewater paddling pant. Constructed from eXhaust 2.5 ply waterproof breathable nylon, it shares the same fabric and construction properties as Level Six's paddling tops. Pair it with any of their tops for light weight breathable protection from all the elements.

MSRP: $172
Minimim bid: $100
Bid Increment: $15

NRS Riptide Splash Jacket

The NRS Riptide Jacket is a fully-featured splash top built to deliver versatile, waterproof protection when you take your paddling to the next level in less-than-ideal conditions. The Riptide is as versatile as it is protective with an articulated storm hood, quick-venting adjustable neck and a kayak overskirt.

Available in Men's and Women's cut!

MSRP: $200
Minimim bid: $130
Bid Increment: $15

Sweet Protection Strutter Helmet

The Strutter helmet is a whitewater icon offering impressive low-volume protection for river running and playboating. Inspired by the original baseball cap, the computerised 3D shape provides great style and comfort - but more importantly, it has impressive Protection performance for its volume and style.

Choose your color and size!

MSRP: $200
Minimim bid: $130
Bid Increment: $15

Sweet Protection Dirty Frank II

Made from the most durable materials, this 100 litre bag is ready to take your gear wherever you want to go. The bag is separated into two size-adjustable zones, one wet zone and one dry zone. The wet zone features a foldout platform to prevent you from messing up your gear and feet while getting dressed. The perfect travel companion for your gear!

MSRP: $100
Minimim bid: $60
Bid Increment: $10


California Women's Watersport Collective 2-day Clinic Registration

California Women’s Watersport Collective is a community-building organization committed to empowering women to be confident both on and off the water by developing both athletic and leaderships skills, cultivating personal connections and encouraging environmental stewardship.

Join Cali Collective for a local sea, surf, whitewater or recreational clinic. Some exclusions apply.

MSRP: up to $270
Minimim bid: $135
Bid Increment: $15


Mesh Cockpit & Hatch Covers

Between paddles, use these lightweight mesh covers to keep insects out of your kayak’s cockpit and hatches. The mosquito netting allows water to evaporate, preventing mildew and odors. Custom-made to fit your kayak by a Bay Area paddler. This item includes a cockpit cover, 2, 3, or 4 hatch covers, and a storage bag; you can select the thread color to match your boat. The set of covers will be shipped to you.

MSRP: up to $30
Minimim bid: $10
Bid Increment: $5