Chris Hipgrave
Presented by P&H Custom Sea Kayaks

Friday, January 26 at the Presidio Yacht Club in the Travis Marina, Sausalito, CA

Explore the Antarctic peninsula by sea kayak, retracing some of Shackleton's foot steps and experiencing the abundant wildlife, ice and endless sky of the southern continent. Chris Hipgrave's presentation gives you a close look at the harsh, remote Antarctic wilderness that he explored during his six week odyssey down the Antarctic peninsula.



Justine Curgenven
2018 Featured Presentation

Saturday, January 27 at Sea Trek in the Bay Model, Sausalito, CA

From Russia to the Canadian Arctic, New Zealand to Patagonia, Justine Curgenven shares highlights of 15 years of sea kayaking trips on 6 continents. The award winning filmmaker tells tales of adventure, lessons learnt, wildlife encounters and the kindness of strangers. Traveling without leaving footprints, and silently engaging with nature. Hear stories from her world first traverse along the Aleutian islands, her solo circumnavigation of Vancouver island and coping with extreme heat in Indonesia. Justine’s talk is peppered with great photos and her award winning videos.